Listening Skills for Leaders

The Power of Active Listening Skills

Did you know Listening skills is the most used communication skill but the least developed?

Don't believe me?​​

Listening Skills Compared

Time Spent In The Communication Process:

Research from Ohio State University shows that the amount of time we spend on different parts of the communication process is divided as the chart on your left.

If listening is critical in effective communication, why do we spend so little time on improving this skill?​

How do you feel when you are talking to somebody and they start looking at their phone?

Or if you can tell they are just waiting for you to have a break in your sentence so they can interrupt.

How does it make you feel?

Why Leaders Need To Develop Their Listening Skills

I know what you're thinking, developing listening skills isn't sexy!

When you think of leadership, you don't think about listening. You think about directing, setting vision, driving performance and just being badass.​

But the challenges are numerous, when listening skills are weak.​

Listening Skills Ear
Listening Skills Problem

Listening skills are so important that they should be developed at all levels in your organization.

The Benefits of Active Listening Skills​

As a leader utilizing active listening skills only helps you and your teams understand the situation and improve. This skill builds your relations and builds trust and sometimes that is all that is needed to consistently achieve your goals.

Here are some quick tips to follow (Click The Graphic To Enlarge):​

Active Listening Skills

Active and Complete Listening Skills

When you employ active listening you create a positive environment that fosters two-way communication.

Two Way Listening Skills

Doing this is rather simple and the benefits outweigh the effort for sure.

If you are interested in gaining additional tips and tactics that can quickly be applied to frontline leaderships ability to foster in the positive achievements of active listening skills, then I highly recommend that you join our webinar.​

Listening Skills Webinar

Listening Skills Webinar

Discover How To Improve Performance and the Customer Experience

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