Leading for Results

Leading For Results Will Give You and Your Teams The Competitive Advantage To Achieve More With Greater Efficiency!

These Modules Provide You With The Key To Make That Transition To a Powerful Transformational Leader

Hi there, I'm Greg

Have you ever heard the phrase, "that's a high class problem?"

I love this phrase because it's so true.  ​

Basically what it means is that by solving one problem you create another one.  But this problem is at a higher level.

Essentially, you're making strides.​

For example, when you learn new ideas such as how to become more effective as a leader, then your current role becomes less challenging and this creates a "high class problem."  You are ready for the next level and everything that comes with that.

More responsibility, greater compensation.  You get the idea.  ​

You have now essentially outgrown your current role.  This is a "high class problem."​

Leading for Results, our proven Leadership Development modules are designed to create high-class problems for you.​

Having these skills makes you very valuable​, especially considering what is happening in our organizations.

The Need for Transformational Leaders

It is staggering when you look at the data.  

I was curious so I did some research and what I found was really shocking.  

But then I realized that this is an incredible opportunity for those that take action and decide to improve their skill level.

Here's what I found:​

75 %
Boss Index

3 of 4 employees report their boss is the worst and most stressful part of their job!

65 %
New Boss Please

65% of employees say they'd take a new boss over a pay increase!   That is Crazy!

50 %

50% of employees who don't feel valued by their bosses plan to look for another job in the next year!

18 %
Productivity Loss

The net effect is an 18% in productivity when viewed at all levels and in many organizations

What does all of this mean?

All of this BAD NEWS Means Opportunity For You!

We have a leadership problem.

And for those that take action and improve their skills and even the skills for those on their teams, there is so much opportunity.

Organizations are dying to find those with Transformational Leadership skills.

The numbers don't lie.  We need leaders.

Individuals that step up and present themselves (with these skills) will excel.

And be rewarded for it.

With more responsibility and a fatter check! 

The challenge is finding an easy solution to help you take advantage of this leadership void.

Introducing Leading for Results...

Leading For Results Is The Solution For You and Your Teams

Leading for Results was actually developed out of necessity.

Our organization was exceeding goals, clients were very happy and we were growing at a pace that would make your head spin.

This created a high-class problem.

We needed leaders to support this growth.

However, we didn't have the budget to go out and get experienced leaders.

We had to develop them ourselves.​

Leading for Results was developed to solve this problem.​  And since the original modules were developed I've been using them as a Senior Consultant, to improve organizations, one after the other.

Leading for Results has been through many updates because let's face it, I've gotten more data back and the workforce has changed a bit.  So I took this information and improved the modules.  Each time the results have improved.

Leading for Results was initially 15 Modules but I've condensed this down to 12.​  The quality and speed to deliver has improved too.

What Is Leading For Results All About?​

Leadership Development Modules

Leading for Results was designed to provide new leaders, as well as seasoned leaders, access to the most critical skills to be successful as a leader.

These modules are incredibly flexible and can support a variety of training styles.

  • Can be used as a formal Leadership Training Program
  • Can Be Used By You Personally To Improve Your Skills
  • Can Be Used To Train One Module at a Time (Maybe in a Staff Meeting)

What's Included in Leading For Results?

Leading for Results is a results driven leadership development program.

It comes with 12 modules (although you can get them individually as well.)

IMPORTANT:  Each Module comes with both a Participant and a Facilitator Guide.  This allows the trainer to facilitate the modules.  (Awesome results following this process.)

  • Module 1:  The Role of a Superviros
  • Module 2:  Positive Leadership
  • Module 3:  Listening Skills
  • Module 4:  Communication Skills
  • Module 5:  How To Be a Successful Coach
  • Module 6:  Managing Discipline
  • Module 7:  Team Building
  • Module 8:   Understanding Individual Behavior
  • Module 9:  Setting Goals and Expectations
  • Module 10:  Delegation
  • Module 11:  Time Management
  • Module 12:  Stress Management

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do You Ship Leading For Results

Is There a Guarantee?

How Can I Use These Modules Right Away?

Do You Sell By Individual Modules?

Can We Brand The Training Materials With Our Company Name?

Do You Train The Leading for Results Onsite?

Each Module Includes a Participant and Facilatator Guides

Leading for Results is a results driven Leadership Development Program.

Each module comes with a Participant and Facilitator Guide​.

Participant Guide: ​ The participant guide provides a roadmap for the trainee, allows them to take notes and work on the interactive exercises.   In turn, this assist with the absorption of content and helps illustrate important points.

Facilitator Guide:​  This allows the trainer, coach or manager to steer the training and helps stay on track.  The facilitator guide is perfect for those using Leading For Results as a Leadership Development Program.

Take It For a Test Drive - 100% 60-Day Guarantee


When you become a value member of the Leading for Results Leadership Development Program, you have a full 60 days to take it for a test drive.  I want you to be 100% satisfied.  That is why there is a no questions asked money-back guarantee.  If for any reason you decide that Leading for Results is not for you, simply request a refund and your money will be promptly refunded.  It is as simple as that.  Our goal is to create raving fans over our performance tools.  

I think you would agree that this guarantee is pretty solid and really transfers your risk.

But remember, with the current state of business, there remains this great opportunity to jump in and fill the leadership void.

You're probably wondering, this all sounds great, but how much is this program?

Initially, Leading for Results was sold for $1497, but I just recently updated it and I want to offer an absolutely amazing deal.​

Now, I could easily charge $997, the results are worth way more than that.

But instead...​

Instant Access To Leading For Results


Leading for Results is offering a Launch Special for 7-Days.  The Price will be going back up to $997, But for a limited time you can get all of the modules for only $497

I hope you see the opportunity that is in front of you.  The current state of affairs in business is appalling.  But here is your opportunity to take advantage of this trend and put yourself in control.

Leading for Results will give you the competitive advantage. And this will directly affect your compensation.  

I think you owe it to yourself to suspend disbelief and try out Leading for Results.  And remember you have a full 60-days to take it for a ride.​

Here's to your success,​

Greg Meares - Leadership Development

PS - You get all 12 modules, which includes the participant and facilitator guide for each.

PSS - You get a complete 60-days to take it for a test drive and then if you do not like it, simply request a refund and your request will be honored.