Leadership Development... is it worth the time spent trying to improve your current frontline leaders?

I don't know where you stand but believe it or not there's a debate on this topic.​

In fact, I want to share something with you that happened to me recently regarding this specific topic.​

But first let me give you some background so this all makes a little sense.​​

I choose Leadership Development as My Project​

I am currently taking an advanced degree class, and part of this class was to identify a project and work on it for the entire semester.

I choose one on leadership development.  Essentially, I am recommending the value of having a program in organizations dedicated to developing new leadership and already seasoned leaders.

Yesterday we were required to provide a status update on our project.

I captured what transpired below:

Read the Status Update I provided, then check out the Feedback I received and the response I provide to that student.

Status Update On My Leadership Development Project​

In this document, I will provide a brief overview, current status and next steps of project 5. I have encountered several challenges and I would welcome any feedback you can provide to assist me in moving forward.


Most organizations don't have an adequate leadership development program in place to meet the ever-changing needs of the workforce as well as goal achievements for their organization.  As a result, my project topic was to seek approval to research, develop and implement, a leadership development program for ABC, Inc


ABC, Inc provides outsourced omni-channel customer experience management. Essentially, ABC, Inc provides customer care, technical support, customer acquisition, digital solutions, analytics, back-office and other specialized services to ensure consistently positive customer interactions.I will be presenting the Leadership development Program to the Steering committee of ABC, Inc, which is made up of the executive team of all functional areas within the organization.


Organizations such as ABC, Inc, that utilize a large frontline leadership contingency, experienced dramatic improvements when providing employees with a leadership development program.

Implementing a leadership development program improves critical key performance indicators and improves the overall profitability and level of service provided.


In my research plans I identified three phases:

Phase One - ​In this phase, the focus will be placed on identifying the characteristics and traits of successful supervisors and team leads. Through this identification, ‘best practices” will be documented and developed into a formal “requirements” document.

Phase Two - Engagement will be a requirement, as well as, self-discovery, therefore in this phase emphasis will be placed on building out these modules so they are interactive. Ultimate goal is having each class understand and incorporate these frontline leadership best practices.​

Phase Three - Determine the format and develop a facilitator guide to accompanying the participant guides. In addition, outline the best delivery method to facilitate phase two.Phase one is complete. The formal requirements document has been completed and is being used to develop the training modules.​


Feedback requested.

1. It is critical that this training material is presented and consumed with a high level of engagement. Can you provide me with a time when you were being taught material and you were fully engaged:​

  • How did the instructor present the material?
  • How was the material presented to you, i.e. powerpoint, handouts?
  • What do you think could have improved your experience?

2.  From a presentation perspective to the stakeholder, i.e. the Executive team.

What do you think are vital points to present. For instance, what would be most important to you?​​

  • The impact that it will have on performance (improvements to the level of service to their clients?)
  • The impact that it will have on costs?
  • The impact it will have on employees?

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

This was my initial post for my assignment. Go to the "Feedback from Student tab above to see the feedback I received and also my response, then I want your feedback.

Feedback from Fellow Student

I received several posts from other students, but one caught my eye and this is the one I want to share below:


"Interesting proposal. I like the concept of developing leaders.  However, it has been my experience that either you’re a leader or you're not. Its hard to turn someone into something their not and that’s where you might lose some engagement with this training.   Regarding your question:

It is critical that this training material is presented and consumed with a high level of engagement. Can you provide me with a time when you were being taught material and you were fully engaged:

I am more engaged when I know:

Why am I being trained? Why me?

Whats the company’s objective for this? Whats the plan or end game behind this? Let the employee in on the big picture.

Set goals for the employee based on the training. Example: Based on this training formulate an action plan to improve your department."

Here's My Response

"Hi John Doe,

Thank you for the feedback and I agree, knowing the why is important.

I tend to disagree with you regarding leadership development. This training is not designed to make somebody that is not a leader into a leader. This training is to develop those that already currently hold a leadership role.

Essentially, by your feedback you believe that Professional development is not warranted?

I believe that there is a spectrum. And of course, if you are an introvert, which would put you outside the spectrum, then possibly this training could not improve you. Conversely, I believe we all can learn new things that make use better at performing in our current position and actually help prepare use for the next position.​


Did you read the feedback I received? What are your thoughts?

Listen, of course some people are not suited to be a leader, but those that are can improve their skills, and learn new tactics that will help improve their sphere of influence.

​That is what this site is all about. Both Joe and I want you to know that you can improve performance. You can take the initiative to become more influential within your organization.​ And that is our goal.

​So on this site you will find topics covered such as:

  • Leadership Articles - We write weekly on topics that are most important to you and to what we feel will be most beneficial to you. These are all about leadership traits and skills, case studies and best practices for those that seem to have figured out how to drive performance through leadership.
  • Leadership Webinars - Joe and I have identified the 15 critical skills that you need to teach your frontline leaders to deliver results. Being able to improve performance, while decreasing attrition and absenteeism is key to the goal of these modules.
  • Leadership Resources - when we find great leadership tools and information, we make sure to share it. Make sure you also like our Facebook Page Here.

Plus we like your feedback and want you to suggest topics.

Right now we have identified the following categories to develop and provide content. If you have an idea of what you would like to see, let us know by simply leaving a quick message below in our comments section below:​

  • Leadership Development
  • Effective Leadership
  • Leadership Characteristics
  • Leadership Models
  • Leadership Traits

This is the essence of Transformational Leadership.

​I hope you enjoyed this first article. If you did, please share it, using the share buttons that are basically prominently displayed on this site.

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