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Leadership Characteristics

Leadership Characteristics That Fail Business

Leadership Characteristics and Business FailureIn a recent article by Forbes online, titled “Businesses Don’t Fail – Leaders Do”, Mike Myatt outlines 15 Leadership Characteristics that can contribute to the failure of the business.This list is interesting and provides insight on the challenges many high-level leaders face. It also provides insight in what I like to […]

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Active Listening

Listening Skills for Leaders

The Power of Active Listening SkillsDid you know Listening skills is the most used communication skill but the least developed?Don’t believe me?​​ Time Spent In The Communication Process:Research from Ohio State University shows that the amount of time we spend on different parts of the communication process is divided as the chart on your left.If […]

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The Leader In Me

We Can All Be Leaders…I Think?

Leadership Series, We All Can Be Leaders!An article in “The Leader in You” Series Quality of leadership is not unique to an age or gender.​​It is not bound by geography or awarded by nationality. Its impact transcends space and time.The marvel of positive influence extends beyond heads of state and corporate executives recognized for exemplary […]

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